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Editors – In This Light & On This Evening

I’ve always felt a bit sorry for Editors. They were neatly pushed into the whole indie rock thing that was big a couple of years back by the mainstream media (I’ll never understand the need to pigeonhole everything, especially in this case when it’s just plain incorrect). The difference between Editors and so many of ‘those’ bands is quite clear. They’ve always been ones to contemplate the more darker side of life and (omg feelings and shit) with heavy and clever use of synths and melodies. This of course would prompt lesser trained ears to label them Joy Division-lite, but they are clearly idiots.

With In This Light… their 3rd studio album, the use of synths is more prominent than usual and the songwriting, whilst it’s still as dark and contemplative as ever, there seems to be a universal feeling of hope pinning the songs together into an enjoyably strangely uplifting listening experience.

lead single Papillon is at first listen a straight-forward workout in building a song around a riff, but repeated listens will reveal clever little nuances which really help the song evolve into something quite lovely.

Other highlights include the slow burning opening title-track, and Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool, with it’s aggressive melodies seemingly clashing against the calmly, almost spoken, lyrics.

Whilst the band have claimed they’ve kept the album to 9 tracks to help people re-discover the lost art of listening to an album as a whole (a very admirable thing to do, it has to be said), I can’t help but feel there are a couple of fillers almost ruining what is a very brave and enjoyable album.



04/10/2009 - Posted by | Music, Reviews

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