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Kylesa – Static Tensions

Kylesa, one of those criminally over looked and undervalued bands have, with their third full title, released the metal album of the year. Undoubtedly.

Whilst they’re certainly always worn their influences on their sleeves, with this album they’ve stepped to the plate and taken their influences and their own ideas and molded them into an absolute beast of an album.

The obvious and lazy reference and comparison would be that of fellow metallers and tour mates Mastodon, it is just that. Lazy and obvious. Ok, there are definite similarities but again, use your bloody ears and listen. Really listen. There’s an infectious and invigorating urgency to the songs on the album, as heavy distorted riffs play over screeching feedback and tight, almost tribal drumming.

The album is generally more full and complete than their previous efforts. There just isn’t a point anywhere where the quality dips or the songs begin to sound samey.

Again, this is without a doubt, the metal album of the year, and a vital kick up the arse for a scene that had grown stale. If this isn’t the album that shoots Kylesa into the big time, I’m officially giving up on the notion that the general public has any sense.




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