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Years – Years

Years are the side project from Ohad Benchetrit of Broken Social Scene and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! fame, and their self-titled album is one of the most intriguing and pleasurable listens of the year so far. Album opener ‘Kids Toy Love Affair’ is almost misleading with it’s swooping, almost operatic, dream like structure, before Don’t Let The Blind Go Deaf kicks in with it’s structured acoustics. Just as it comes to an end you start to wonder how much of this instrumental album you can take in one sitting.

Are You Unloved? then, takes a detour off the plain acoustics as samples are played backwards, cut up and chopped around with. It’s evident the man has taken a lot from Broken Social Scene as layers of noise slowly creep in over the chopped up music (which strangely sounds like Squarepusher on his quieter moments). All this before the album really picks up and the end of the song explodes in a cry of horns over melodic guitar work and cut up beats.

There are some genuinely touching moments on the record too. The powerful guitar works of Hey Cancer… Fuck You really does sound like it should soundtrack a feel good biopic, as it’s euphoric stuff.

A special mention must also be made to the real highlight of the album, The Major Lift. Strings and horns laden over more cut up acoustics and beats, more generally uplifting work. Whilst the way I’m describing this sounds like the album can be repetitive, it can be, but when music is generally this uplifting, I’m not complaining. Much.

All in all a sterling first solo effort and a fantastic collection of mellow (and occasionally loud) uplifting songs, let down by a slight sag in the middle and a tiny amount of repetition.



22/07/2009 - Posted by | Music, Reviews

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