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Valve release FREE Left 4 Dead DLC


Left 4 Dead creators, Valve, have released free downloadable content for our favourite game of last year. The DLC will include multiplayer versions of the two campaigns which were previously only playable solo. However, the inclusion of an entirely new mode of play, Survival mode, is the part of the DLC that has provided the most interest.

In Survival mode, you and up to 3 others will try and fend off a never ending horde of undead for as long as possible. We can only assume this has been made as a catch up to the Nazi Zombie mode in Call Of Duty: World At War and Survival mode in Resident Evi 5.

Having only had a brief couple of plays on the DLC, we can’t wait until we can fully immerse ourselves in the frantic zombie apocalypse simulator.

The free DLC is available for Xbox 360 & PC version of the game

Left 4 Dead was released to critical acclaim late last year. Gamers and critics alike instantly hailed the games heavy reliance on team work and co-operation to create one of the most fun and interesting multiplayer experiences we’ve seen in a long time.


23/04/2009 - Posted by | Gaming, News

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